Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here I am!

Ok... I am back. I have been moving, throwing up my toenails and dealing with my parents separation. Pray for my family. We are going to visit them for thanksgiving. My husband is not thrilled. He cannot tolerate my parents petty issues. I have been dealing with them for the last10-15 years. I am only going back to see my brothers, sisters, grandma and aunt. My oldest daughter is foaming at the mouth to get on a plane and go. I pray all goes well.


Jason said...

I can be pretty intollerant. Forgive me love. I really want to support you however I can.
I love you precious.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn, Sombra from Christian UC here.. Just wanted to say, if you take calcium and magnesium on your way to bed, those dreams are not as troublesome...

Hope you don't mind me reading here. I have a blog too, but I haven't written in a long time... Hmm, can I even remember what it's called?