Sunday, November 05, 2006

Location: Ventura

Most of the people who read my blog... know that I am in my home town right now mourning the loss of my aunt.

She was not an aunt by blood but by choice. She drove my grandma to the hospital when my mom was born... and has followed my mom ever since.

On the 21st of October, my mom, aunt (Titi) and my 9 year old brother and sister, came to Westwood to meet my new baby. On tuesday the 24th, we were driving to Susanville and going over a pass when my aunt said she felt dizzy. Since she has spent the last 55 years at sea level... I didn't think much of it and told her we would be going down soon. She passed out.

I pull over as soon as possible... but she was gone. We drove as quickly as we could to the hospital but her pupils were fixed and dialated. No electrical heart activity. She left us.

What a way to go! She was surrounded by the kids she loved (Brenna, Isaac, Abbie and Amie) and was in no fear. Many times we are reminded how terrible we would feel if we had to break into her apartment where she lived alone and worry if she was scared or felt pain. But she passed out, never knew what was happening, never knew the inside of the ER or a nursing home.

We had a memorial service for her. Many people stood up and told their stories about how they knew her. There were probably 70 people there.

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