Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Yesterday, it was raining. So I decided to go to Walmart. While going over the pass, 2 OLDER cars... one was probably a dodge reliant... were stuck in the snow at the top. The other side of the pass was dry and clear. After shopping, I noticed it was raining and figured CalTrans would be stopping people at the pass. When I got to the pass, it was still raining and no snow. But they told me to get my chains out. I explained that I had studded snow tires. But they insisted. I called my husband and asked for tips on our cables. (No, I have never used cables... and I haven't used chains in FOREVER!) As I was pouting about putting on chains and looking at the 2 inches of standing water by the side of the road... an 18 wheeler came down from the pass with no chains on... I went and asked one of the Cal Trans workers on break, "Why would a big truck like that come over without chains?" He said they might not be stopping people on the other side. I asked if highway patrol was on the hill and he replied, "No...." So I threw the cables in the back and went on my merry way. I figured if an 18 wheeler could make it down... I SURELY COULD!

Yeah, yeah... I am a crazy moron for trying such a "stunt". And it was quite yucky at the top. Everyone was taking it slow and it was not that bad. And the dodge reliant was still there.

But earlier in the day, The Kerr family's van was stuck on the same pass and a tow truck removed it promptly. I bet that dodge reliant is still there!


Rebecca said...

You're such a rebel. :)

And yeah, those minivans are too hazardous to leave lying around. But a Dodge Reliant. . .

Mike O said...

Here's a trick. You already have a spare tire. Get another one just like it. Put the chains on the spare and the second tire. Keep them in the trunk. (Along with two chocks, and gloves).

When you get to the chain-up area, it's a lot easier to jack up and replace a tire, with five (and five on the other side) nuts that are a foot above the slush and water. Chain-up zones are usually a slight slope, so chock a front wheel both sides.

The second spare does take up room, tho.