Monday, June 25, 2007


An interaction between my oldest and Jonah (The only boy of the Kerr children)

Maggie: Superman can't stand up.

Jonah: (Upon hearing this blasphemy) SUPERMAN CAN STAND!

Maggie: No, Superman can't stand. (Produces a Superman action figure, places him on his feet where he promptly falls flat on his face and tumbles off the table)

Jonah: (devastated at the humiliation) You can't talk to me!

Maggie: Uh, yeah I can...

Jonah: NO! You can't talk to me!

Maggie: OK?

Jonah: I'm gonna have a birthday! (And be older)

(Jonah then retrieves his fallen hero and places him high in the air above his head in a hallowed pose where he remained in flight for the rest of the evening.)


Jason Franklin said...

I'm really curious how you came across that photo. I took a look at some of the other other superman photos on that site. They're hillarious.

Jenn said...

Just google images...

rebecca said...

That's a awesome picture. :)