Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation - Part 8

The reason we went down to Southern California was to see Uncle Jake get married. For his rehearsal dinner, we went to a Japanese, Teppan style restaurant. The kids had a great time and enjoyed the show. Abbie laughed so loud she was making everyone else laugh. We were having so much fun... this was our only picture.
We stayed at a hotel with GramMarge. The girls were able to spend a lot of time with her.
The wedding went well and Jake and Katie are now husband and wife. Unfortunately, no one was informed on how to bustle Katie's dress... and I had to climb in there and bustle it for her. Her Aunts and Grandmas and I had fun... not just with the bustle... but we also helped decorate and set up. I also enjoyed going over to Katie's Parents home to help make all the little goodies involved with weddings and meet her family and hear all the embarrassing stories. I even looked through a few scrapbooks of her life. Someone requested "Thriller" by Michael Jackson... and Jake asked if I remembered the dance... I informed him I stuck a wire coat hanger up my nose in '98 to remove all that stuff. TOO MANY of the moves were used in All-State Youth Choir stuff. BY THE WAY- Jake and Katie were not even born yet in 1983 when it came out.

GramMarge was prodded into dancing with Jake for the Money Dance.
She appeared to have fun.
On the way home we went to church with friends from Riverside and had lunch with them and their children. We drove up to Sacramento and had dinner at Ikea with Auntie Jenn. The girls still talk about our trip. If we ever do a trip like this again... it will be in the off season... while it was fun... there were too many people! We are glad to be home and enjoying our quiet life.

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