Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things churches should understand.

In economically depressed areas filled with drugs... it is important to get a ministry team that are "called" to that type of people.

Our church building had another church in it years ago. The previous pastors and elders in ministry had apparently been Christians all their life. They had no experience with meth addicts. So they were always trying to go door to door and hand out all sorts of information and on one occasion light bulbs with scripture "Light of the world" and the plan of salvation on the box. It would have been a good idea... (We found a box of left over light bulbs in the attic)

But a person who has seen meth in use would know that a light bulb is a method of delivery. (I will not explain rolleyes.gif No, I never tried crack... but had stupid friends!) So the previous ministry team gave out free light bulbs to lovingly spread the Word and assist in the meth use.

No one in our current ministry team knew either. So I think every church should have a Christian (Yet experienced in the ways of the world) on their ministry team as a consultant.

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