Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Childrens Church

I take kids 5 and under into the fellowship hall for the sermon on Sundays. The Sunday after Christmas is insane! The 6 children were constantly talking and fighting but out of that zoo...

~A Funny~

Jonah Kerr: Abbie, you are the oldest, you go first.

Me: Jonah, you are 6 weeks older than Abbie.

Jonah: But she is taller.

Me: It's just because her parents are taller than your parents. You may be taller than her when you are a grown up.

Jonah: Really?

Me: Yeah, you will probably be as tall as your daddy.

Jonah: Really?

Me: Yeah.

Jonah: Will I be as fat?

Abbie: All grown ups get fat.

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