Thursday, February 05, 2009

My children are trying to kill me!

Yesterday... crappy day... After having bible study and 11 children in the house, I picked up all the tea pots and placed them on the counter, fed the kids lunch and turned on Hulu and watched The Tonight Show. I wasn't even through headlines when I hear water hitting the floor. Clearly they had finished lunch and wanted to "clean up" I told them (Without leaving Leno) to clean up the water. I assumed they were trying to wash dishes. I realized there was a very sharp knife in the sink and decided to go remove it...

I think I smell fish...

I walk in to discover my kettle filled with hot tap water, 1 full can of fish food and 1 full can of formula... and they spilled it all over the floor. This milky, fishy mix is flowing across the floor and under the fridge and the oven.

It took over an hour to clean it up. I think I still smell fish.

Then today they poured out a brand new bag of fruit loops on the floor and were dancing on them. (Oh how they make a great noise!) John was just rolling in them, sucking on them and depositing them in the pile.

Good Housekeeping Magazine doesn't have good pointers for hot, wet, fish food, formula mix on wood floors... nor do they have a solution for getting crushed and slobered on fruit loops up either. (Hint: the dust buster is useless)

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I go get my tubes tied.

-Kelly P