Saturday, March 28, 2009

Give us this day our daily bread

I spend too much time figuring out where I am getting our physical bread and not enough time budgeting time for my spiritual bread.

I had about $25 total for our food.

Had I spent it in Westwood:
3 gallons of milk @ $4 each
2 loaves of Bread at $1.30 each
2 large boxes of cereal @ $3.50
3 lbs of apples @ $1/lb

But I went to Susanville and prayed on the way that I could get some cereal for $1.50, I literally prayed the whole way to Susanville.

For $23:
3 gallons of milk @ $2 each
8 loaves of bread @ 4/$1
4 boxes of cereal @ $2 each
12 lbs of apples @ 50 cents a pound

God provides.

Now if I only spent more time on my spiritual bread acquisition.

1 comment: said...

Wow. That is simply amazing. My husband now does all the grocery shopping, and I am very impressed with his shopping skills. He actually spends less at the grocery store than I do - he's a real bargain shopper! And he never buys meat unless it's on special. I'm going to show him YOUR deals!