Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why I dye my hair purple - by Jennifer Franklin

There are many reasons... but this is my reasoning:

1. I don't belong here. I am not a native and never will be. I will never be accepted completely in (Enter area here) because of our frequent moves.

2. I am a pastor's wife. I will never be invited over for drinks. I will never be invited to a 50 shades of grey book club. I will never be invited to a Dexter/twilight/Weeds marathon.... because I am a pastors wife.

3. I homeschool. You will automatically assume I am judging you for your school choices just like you are automatically judging me for mine. I should NEVER judge YOU for YOUR choices on how YOU raise YOUR children that God gave YOU.

4. I like counter culture. I am still breastfeeding my 1 year old and mostly use cloth diapers. I either make you feel guilty for not breastfeeding longer, or I incite some rant on public indecency. I also like angry sounding music... it makes me happy.

5. I dye my hair easter egg colors.... so I can see you. Deep inside, you don't like me because of one of the previous reasons. Or others. But now I can see you. I can see it in your face. - disgust- I can see your disdain in your posture. You don't want to have anything to do with me. I can hear you complain about me. Don't worry. I won't come over and bother you... but now I know... now I know you don't like me. You don't want me around... I know. Before... you could be polite... "Sure! We should get together sometime!" and hope I never call you. The pain in your face when you see my hair... the polite is gone. It is all you can do to hold a simple conversation.

6. So... in conclusion... I dye my hair for you, sweet friend! So I can find you sooner! I don't have to wade through the polite people who really can't stand me! You greet me with a sincere smile and love me for me... ALL of me!


Stephanie said...

I love you and your purple hair and angry music draw me to you. You are a sweet friend! I am so glad I married Ben so that I could know you:)

Anonymous said...

1. You belong where GOD takes you, and those of us who are in touch with Him accept and support that.
2. I don't care who you are married too, I would be honored to raise a glass with you, anywhere. I have Twilight on my DVR.
3. I applaude you for Homschooling. Your kids will benifit greatly.
4. I miss your music, and Breast is Best.
5.I like your hair. Would love to see blue or green to go with your eyes.
6.Although we are geographically far apart, you will see nothing but acceptance and adoration in my eyes. Because I love you with all my heart, and will until it's last beat.