Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why wait?

Cholesterol kills more people than guns ~

According to Larry the cable guy, Anti gun people would save more lives if they put a 5 day wait on Popeye's fried chicken.


Jason Franklin said...

Music to a Libertarian's heart.

hestermom said...

Hey Jenn, it's Lisa again. Thanks so much for the info. I don't have your e-mail address, but man, I am just so excited for you!!! And you know, I've been thinking (even before I was pregnant again), we've done this twice, Ben is an EMT...?? How hard can it be? I was just worried that the hospital would arrest me upon arrival for trying to have my baby peacefully, and then run all sorts of tests on me, including brain scans to prove that I am indeed crazy! Congratulations on successfully doing the very best thing for your family. I hope to follow suit, and I guess I have 4 mos. to research!! I will get your e-mail from Becky so I can pump you for more info!!! Love and blessings to your precious family!