Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finally, a birth story.

The following story contains information that may be inappropriate for some readers.
Reader discretion is advis

I knew I was 42 weeks... My family Dr. recommended that I get checked out at the local hospital. We had planned on a home birth. Thursday 2/7 we went to the hospital. The hospital determined (through a sonogram) that I was only 38 weeks... But if you measured the outside of the uterus, it measured 43 cm... or 43 weeks. The sonogram also estimated the baby's weight at 7 lbs 8oz. We also were told it's a boy! The hospital kept me overnight for observation... and discharged me at 10 am, Friday 2/8, informing me I was not in labor.

My wonderful husband and oldest daughter picked me up and we went to Walmart to buy boy stuff. We then went to the local Chinese food restaurant, ate chow mein and purchased fried calimari for our dedicated childcare, Becky. (She has watched 1-3 children on and off through this whole ordeal.) We then went home and all 5 of us slept until 3:30 when I sat up with a contraction. I stood up and noticed a difference. Soon I was asking my wonderful husband to remove the shower doors. (I may have asked for the bathroom doors to be removed) He was getting his tools out... when I clarified that the shower doors being removed would assist in getting me and a baby out of the tub.

I spent the next hour listening to loud music and trying to avoid "fighting" the contractions. My wonderful husband checked on me regularly... soon it was apparent that the children needed to leave. I was quickly loosing my mind and wanting to run around crazy. (A sure sigh that I am close) Jason, my wonderful husband, called everyone and managed to wrangle a crazy swap where a teenager would watch Becky's kids and Becky would run her errands with my kids.

With the children gone, I was no longer putting on a brave face. I wanted the hospital and drugs and was actually on the phone with the hospital when the baby started crowning. I threw the phone to my WONDERFUL husband.

(NOTE: This next part is gross) I was sitting on my new recliner with only minimal protection over it. I was huffing and puffing and trying so hard to get off the recliner. (Note: there was a blanket on the floor that I was aiming for.) My body gave me about 30 seconds of rest to move and then I pushed out his head. I had another 30 seconds of rest. I didn't think my water broke, so I was feeling the top of his soft head. We were also feeling for a cord around his neck. The next push and out came a baby into his papas eager hands. I couldn't see my WONDERFUL husband, but his voice was giddy. This was the first time a baby was properly positioned and came out the normal textbook way! (Maggie - chin to her chest, Abbie - posterior, Amie - posterior and face first.) I must admit it was easier to push than the other 3!

The hospital called back and asked if everything was ok... my WONDERFUL husband informed them we were fine and not coming in. Calls to family were made, and there was much rejoicing. Becky and her husband, returned our children and all basked in the new baby glow.

Jonathan Gregory was born on his great-grandma's birthday 2/8/08 and on Monday 2/11/08 he weighed 9 lbs 15.5 oz and measured 21 inches long.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW I am in awe of women who have babies at home!! So glad everything went well! He's beautiful!

Jason P. Franklin said...

Jenn didn't mention that when his head first came out I said "Oh my gosh!" in a concerned voice. Being the first baby to some the correct way, it took me a minute to realize everything was right.
"Oh, that's his face! Everything's okay, there's no cord, you can push." (or something to that affect).

rebecca said...

That's so cool! I was waiting for a story. :)

rebecca said...

And also, that outfit rocks. So manly.

Heather said...

I am so happy for you guy! What does Jason think to finaly have his boy?

Karen said...

Wow! That's amazing you did it all yourselves! Congrats! Your baby is so cute he makes me want a little baby boy sooo bad (we only have girls!).