Thursday, February 21, 2008


The yummiest meal we eat is Black Beans and Rice. It costs under $5 for the whole meal.

1 box Rice a Roni (chicken flavor-blue box) or generic equivalent - $1
1 can Black beans or 1/2 lb of reconstituted... but canned is easier - $.50
1/2 c. salsa - $.50
1 bunch cilantro - $1
Garlic Salt to taste
Serve with tortilla chips and/or tortillas $2

Cook Rice according to box directions, reducing water by 1/4 c and adding salsa. Finely chop cilantro and drain black beans then add them to the very hot rice. Salt to taste. Serve with Tortilla chips/tortillas...

Estimated time to prepare 30 mins.

Some day I will post a picture.


rebecca said...

I didn't know it was that easy. I've only seen you do in the crock pot. I'll have to try it now.

Jenn said...

Yeah, I used the free WIC beans in the crock pot. But since it takes all day... and Walmart black beans only cost $.50, it is easier to just keep some cans on hand.

Karen said...

Sounds good and CHEAP! Thanks!