Thursday, December 20, 2007

Slippery Curves

So our road conditions have really stunk this week. White out conditions, 2 feet of snow, packed snow and ice... our snow snow plows can't handle it!!! So, to our rescue... a zamboni on steroids and this evil monster:

Note the "horns" coming off of the blades. Now imagine it being RED with black "horns" and you have our local snow blower... eeeeevil!

Not something you like to see in your rear view mirror!!!


Katie said...

Yikes! Be safe!

It's actually raining here- i'm very excited. Beautifully cold weather! Ha, no snow yet, though.

Don't let the devil eat your car.

Rebecca said...

I like to see them in front of me. Behind, not so much. That's what she said.