Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Sustain. According to Wikipedia: Sustain is a parameter of musical sound in time. As its name implies, it denotes the period of time during which the sound is sustained before it becomes inaudible.

I need something to Sustain me before I become inaudible. I am tired. The spiritual oppression that surrounds me and my family is overwhelming.

If one more person "reminds me" to "give it to God" I will cause physical harm. (JUST A WARNING) This also includes handing me literature and articles on the topic.

Every night, as the evil swirls around us and I am reminded of everything we have lost and everything that is going wrong, I weep. I don't even pray. I can only see His hand reaching out to me. I touch his fingertips with mine and whisper, "Jesus" over and over until I fall to sleep. This is as close to "giving it to God" as I am going to get right now.

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Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry. It amazes me the way you guys keep going through all this.