Saturday, July 15, 2006

International Breastfeeding Icon Contest is having a contest for the best Breastfeeding Icon... to use for signs on nursing rooms and so forth... Currently a picture of a bottle is being used... for "NURSING" rooms in airports and malls! I emailed my contribution today... and here it is:
I think it is great!


Rebecca said...

That's pretty cool! I'm going to have to check out all the other ones.

Mike O said...

Yeah, I need a few for my train.

I'm all for breastfeeding, my kid was breastfed and he's healthy as a horse. He gets sick about once every five years. Most (all) women cover up, and you don't have to look, there's plenty of other breasts on display. And, it's quiet!

Pastor Jason said...

It's been funny to watch the reactions of men in my family when Jenn starts to breastfeed.

When my parents visited after our first child was born, when Jenn started to breast feed, my dad looked like small animal cornered. He couldn't get out of the room fast enough.

A couple weeks ago when my grandparents visited, my grandfather just sort of stared off into the opposite direction Jenn was in. It was kinda funny.