Thursday, July 06, 2006

Me...? A show off? .... Well maybe... (Sleepless midnight Ramblings)

Ok. Yes I am a show off! I spent this last week showing off my new daughter to my husband's entire family... minus a few cousins. I was also showing off how tall and how long Maggie's hair is and how well Abbie has done since we moved.

It has been quite a crazy week. It started off with his Maternal grandparents staying with us... two days later his parents and sister came... 3 days later... we packed up and drove 3 hours to show off to the paternal side of his family and spent 3 days there.

Finally, we are home! It is good to be home. I enjoyed my time with his family. They are neat people.

But, on my usual depressing note: I want to show off to my family! I want to say, "Here, I did this myself, without medical help, the way I wanted to!" This was the first time I really stood up for what I wanted. My family will not be visiting us because of financial reasons. Even though my family has plenty of money... they chose to spend it on an ugly divorce. Plus, my family hasn't really traveled in 16 years. I have already gone down to "the war zone" twice since moving up here. I am not interested in packing up 3 kids and driving 10 hours strait to see them. I don't want to see my mom, crying alone... I don't want to see my dad happy, free, healthy and thin with his girlfriend. But then again.. I don't want to see it like it was either... it has been ugly for a long time.

Anyone want to adopt a crunchy, wannabe homesteader?

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