Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tagging? Isn't that what you do to billboards and the sides of busses?

Apparently I have been tagged by Becky or Rebecca... I have no idea what this means... but she was tagged by someone who was tagged by another... and they all filled out this:

Accent: I parrot the accent I am listening to.

Bible Book that I like: Proverbs

Chore I don’t care for: Mopping the floor... especially the bathroom floor!

Dog or Cat: Yes and yes.

Essential Electronics: TV.

Favorite Movie: The Crow.

Gold or Silver: Silver

Handbag I Carry Most Often: Red Dragonfly Sally Spicer bag.

Insomnia: Uh... yes?!?!

Job Title: Ring leader

Kids: Maggie - 5, Abbie - 2 , Amie - 6 weeks

Living Arrangements: Parsonage.

Most Memorable Moment: Getting Married

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: My lawyer has informed me of my right to: PLEED THE FIFTH!

Phobia: Water.

Overnight Hospital Stays: My first two girls and my gallbladder.

Quote: You're just jealous the voices talk to me!

Religion: Christian.

Siblings: Greg (Marine/super mover!), Jake (CPA extraordinare), Isaac (The sports guru), Brenna (The shy superstar)

Time I Wake Up: Which time?

Unusual Talent: Touching my nose with my tongue.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Beets

Worst Habit: Scratching my head until it bleeds.

X-rays: Orthodontal, chest and ankle... BTW ~Don't wear an underwire bra for a chest x-ray!~

Yummy Stuff I Cook: Fresh tortillas, black beans and rice, guac, salsa, deviled eggs... WAY too many things!

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Lions.

I shall not tag anyone...


Rebecca said...

What happens if you weear an underwire in an x-ray?

Jenn said...

Well... I was having chest pain and still nursing maggie... didn't want to take off the bra (leakage issue) so I left it on... the underwire and the hooks (3 of them) and the eyes (9 of them) looked like I had been impaled with scrap metal and buck shot... no wonder I was having pain... until a nurse said... "no... please ask women to remove their bras!" Hey! He said I could leave my underwear on! Under that dumb robe they give you!

Rebecca said...