Thursday, August 07, 2008

God blesses

We are technically in our new home. It is beautiful! I also purchased some furniture for our new home. It is beautiful.

On moving day, God blessed. The furniture company came and found that one of their tables for me were scratched. I was regretting not getting another table... and they GAVE me the table and said they would bring me a perfect one on Friday!!!

Then our phone situation was a mess... no phone no internet for one whole week?!?! But I made 1 phone call and asked if there was anything they could do... and within 24 hours, I am blogging.

Also, it may not seem important... but I just had a shower... 5 out of 6 members of this family received a bath tonight. That is something we haven't done since we left Southern California. We have never had enough hot water. John would have had a bath as well... but he fell asleep.

Tomorrow's goal: 6 out of 6!

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Rebecca said...

Hot water is the best! I'm so stoked for you guys and your pretty house. :)