Sunday, August 10, 2008

Introducing my new toy!!!

My grandma purchased a stand mixer. (Why?) I do not know. Maybe to rekindle her love for baking. But after years of it sitting alone... she gave it to me.

This evening I decided to make PIE!

I had previously filled two
graham cracker crust with
chocolate pudding.

Then I set my beautiful mixer
on high with two packets of
dream whip.

Then I sprinkled some
chocolate chips on top.

Then I called Jason Kerr to
retrieve one of the pies since
it is obscene for us to consume
2 whole pies. He informed me
that his wife (Becky) Loves me.

Eagerly Awaiting.

Abbie likes pie.

Papa enjoying the pie.

Maggie LOVES it!


Rebecca said...

You sent me chocolate!! You are my friend.

grammarge said...

still can't find the manual for the new toy. hope you are still having fun.