Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tale of the Franklin Realm

Once upon a time...

There lived the princess of the land of terrible two. She reigned with an iron fist. She would decimate her foes with a mighty scream. Then there came a young knight from a far off land. He ignored her screams and threats. Many times he would even smile and laugh at her. The princes was angry and would sneak into the castle of the young knight and steal his blanket and teddy bear and throw them out of his home and banish them beyond his reach. Yet the young knight didn't mourn this midnight raid. Rather, he squealed with delight at the sight of the princess and angered her. She slammed doors despite repeated punishment from the owners of said doors. Then the queen and king returned from the land of Master bedroom and threatened the princess with her life if she should dare treat young knight this way again.

And for the moment... all is well in the Franklin Realm.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, Amie. Someday he will return the favor, only bigger. And probably laugh about it all the while. ;)