Monday, August 25, 2008

So Long Summer

Just posting the last few pictures of Summer... Today was Abbie's first day of school. More on that tonight.

Jann and John (Jason's Parents) Took Maggie camping and fishing. Jann took my camera to take pictures for me.

Apparently John did all the hard work: He put the worm on the hook and cast it for her.

She held the rod.

He reeled it in for her.

He touched the fish.

She claimed the prize.

It was 110 degrees... but thankfully there was a water slide.

Did I mention they got rained on?

But they had fun and John gave us the fish and fried it up for us... pretty tasty!

Maggie also performed in the Theater for Youth program. Theme: Westwood Gypsy Wagon Train.

She performed Magic tricks, charmed snakes and even got into a sword fight with Andres.

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